Sis. Maria

My name is Maria Del Carmen Rosales. I was born in El Salvador on August 22, 1967. I came to the USA in 1983 to live with my mother who was saved and part of the Church of God.  I was saved at the age 15 on March 20th, 1983.  Since then I have been part of the Church of God in Miami.  God, in his mercy, saved me at  a very young age. He has guided me through all the different stages of my life and has blessed me with a beautiful life in Him. Also, I have been teaching the Adult Spanish Sunday School class since 1990; and without a doubt I have been richly blessed by teaching it.  I enjoy studying the word of God as well as sharing it with the Saints.  Through the different topics we’ve covered, I, together with the students, who range from the ages of 30 to 85 years old, have received the benefits of being edified through the word of God.  It is very rewarding to see the spiritual growth and understanding many of the students receive through the lessons.  Most of all, I feel it is a great honor to be able to serve God and His kingdom in this capacity.


Bro. Carlos

My name is Carlos Daniel Masó González, and I was born on June 6, 1963 into a Christian home in Pinar del Río, Cuba.  My mother, who was an elementary school teacher for many years and is currently a pastor in the Church of God in Cuba, has been a great influence in my life as it relates to teaching.  I got saved in 1974 at the age of eleven.  I have been teaching since approximately 1983 in Sunday School as well as in different youth activities and educational projects.  In 1993, I was greatly blessed in being able to coordinate, and take part in, putting together and teaching the curriculum in a series of classes in pastoral formation that had great results in Cuba.  Sine 1998 I have lived in the United States with my wife and children.  I share the responsibility of teaching the adult Spanish Sunday School class in the congregation.  This experience has taken me to new levels of spiritually as well as in the knowledge of the Word of God.

I find teaching to be a great opportunity in which not only can I interact with other people but also try to overcome my chronic shyness.  Moreover, I find that as I share my experience I come out more enriched as I hear and learn of the experiences of others.  The questions that others ask during the classes not only keep me challenged but also keep me open to the possibility of questioning or reevaluating my thoughts and opinions.  These processes and experiences make the classes more dynamic, meaningful and eventful.  Through it all I rely on the help and assistance of the Holy Spirit and rest upon the life and wisdom that the Word of God can impart to every human process.

It is a great pleasure of mine to teach Sunday school, as we have a group of adults that range in age from 30 to 80 years old and come from many different countries and cultures.  As a result, the Spanish we speak is very rich, distinctive and influenced by the Miami Spanglish.


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